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Embrace eco-friendly fashion with second-hand finds.


Embrace eco-friendly fashion with second-hand finds.

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Our team curates the best of second-hand and vintage fashion just for you. From the latest trends in thrifted styles to timeless classics that never go out of fashion, explore our handpicked selection of articles. Stay inspired and discover new ways to elevate your wardrobe sustainably.


Vintage Fashion Icons

Explore the iconic fashion figures who have embraced vintage style. Learn how their timeless looks continue to influence modern fashion and get inspired by their unique sense of style.

DIY Vintage Makeover

Turn your thrifted finds into personalized fashion statements with our DIY guides. Get creative with upcycling and learn how to transform pre-loved pieces into something uniquely yours.

Seasonal Thrift Guides

Navigate the seasons with our thrift shopping guides. From winter coats to summer dresses, find out what to look for to keep your wardrobe stylishly sustainable.

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Needsomethinggotsomething was born out of a passion for vintage and second-hand fashion. We believe in the power of sustainable clothing to reduce waste and celebrate unique style. Our blog is dedicated to sharing the stories behind vintage pieces, offering styling tips, and promoting the benefits of a pre-loved wardrobe. Join us on our journey to make fashion more sustainable and stylish.

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Our blog was inspired by a love for vintage fashion and a commitment to sustainability. We wanted to create a space where enthusiasts can share their passion for second-hand clothing and learn about sustainable fashion practices.

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Our blog features a variety of content including styling tips, vintage fashion history, thrift shopping guides, DIY projects, and stories from the vintage fashion community. We aim to provide valuable insights and inspiration for anyone interested in second-hand and vintage fashion.